Terra Wash+Mg



Product Features

 ** Wash clothes without detergent

  • Reusable for 365 washes  (Save time and money!)
  • Best in Odor Removal [Fragrance Free] (About 10 times stronger than regular detergent)
  • Human friendly (100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals = Perfect for sensitive skin and  kids)( Protects people's health by keeping the washing machine hygienic)
  • Earth friendly (Leaves zero trace of chemicals and save tons of water and power)
  • Fabric friendly (Keeps fibers and color / Great for organic cotton) and Antibacterial
  • Best Quality (Made in Japan using patent-protected innovative technology with certified test results)


・DO NOT USE together with Chlorine-based detergent or bleach.
・Keep out of reach of children.

Additional information

Weight 0.167 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 15.5 × 2.6 cm